Citipointe Kindergarten was established in 1988 with the Childcare opening in 2014. We are a non-profit centre, which exists as a ministry of Citipointe Church, Brisbane and is affiliated with Citipointe College.  We therefore provide Christian care and education based on Christian faith and values.  We endeavour to express the love and teaching of Jesus Christ through our relationships with each other, the children we care for and their families. Children will participate in daily devotion times and regular events, which have a biblical focus.

We acknowledge that during the first five years of life, children acquire the values and attitudes towards themselves, their families, society and the environment that will grow with them into adulthood.  Therefore, our policies, practices and lives as staff will provide a positive example for the children.

We are committed to providing children with the opportunity to grow and develop towards their potential – physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  Play is considered an important vehicle for learning in the early years and is seen as a child’s “work”.  Our staff seek to provide a caring and stimulating educational environment where children’s individual needs, abilities and cultural and social backgrounds are respected and catered for, and where children can develop at their own pace.

Learning opportunities are planned through careful observation of, and in consultation with, the children. They are engaged in active exploration and developmentally appropriate experiences, which enhance skill development. These experiences help to give children a choice to construct an understanding of the world around them.  

We firmly believe that children need boundaries and begin to develop an ability to discriminate between right and wrong and to help them be able to make judgements about what they can change and what they cannot.

We value open communication and mutual respect between staff and parents with regard to the care and education of each child through the involvement of each family.

Loren Manulevu

Executive Director | Citipointe Childcare and Kindergarten


We aim to provide high quality care and education in a relaxed friendly Christian environment.
We aim to:

Provide a happy, healthy and safe learning environment of love and trust;
Value and respect children’s interests and ideas;
Respect the child as a unique individual who is loved by God, irrespective of race, cultural background, religious belief or disabilities;
Provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities which cater for the child cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and spiritually;
Build and foster the child’s self esteem by developing feelings of self-worth;
Provide a stimulating and challenging environment that allows children to make mistakes, risk-take (within a safe environment) and be creative and critical thinkers;
Strengthen home/school relationships with staff and parents through providing regular information to parents and encouraging parents’ questions, ideas and involvement;
Develop staff abilities in programming by providing opportunities for them to be immersed into new techniques and through attending workshops and further skill development;
Employ staff who support the Christian philosophy of the Centre and who reflect a diversity of education, training and life experience and who possess the necessary nurturing qualities, sensitivity and commitment to the well-being of the children and parents of the Centre;
Involve the Centre in the community by taking an interest in other groups and inviting others to share in the program.